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"Dangerous for the novice."

Be very careful with programs that clean the Registry. My experience with early versions of GL were a disappointment. That has not changed with the current version 5.15 on Windows 7. It "broke" essential file associations in several programs including MS Office 2010 where VBA functionality also broke. All that was via the "one click maintenance option", let alone "in depth cleaning", meaning a novice can easily break a working system. Sadly unless a registry backup is made (no prompt to do so) it may be very difficult to restore the registry and hence the system to a working state prior to running the "one click maintenance" option in GL. Luckily I am regimented to always make a current "system image" prior to using such potentially dangerous tools. Sadly this has not changed with my experience for GL then and now. I will stick to CCleaner which has a much less aggressive "registry cleaner" and defaults to an easily restoreable registry backup in the event things go wrong. To be clear, over the many years I have used CCleaner, I have yet to resort to using a registry restore on Windows; XP, Vista, 7, 8 & 8.1 on Desktops to laptops. It took several hours to restore a previously working Windows 7 Pro laptop to a state prior to using GL 5.15 via a known working "system image".

I won't be trying GL again! It's not worth any highly unlikely system improvements. Although I use CCleaner at boot time primarily to remove accumulated "temp" files and browsing histories not configurable in some browsers (Google Chrome). Other than that I found that most of these utilities cause more problems than they fix. Any system improvements are often very difficult to verify or justify in time and energy spent assessing performance gains.

  • The registry cleaner is unreliable, It broke several file associations and VBA funtionality in Office 2010.

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29 Dec 2014

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